TeckNet Kraken Gaming Keyboard Review

The TeckNet Kraken gaming keyboard and mouse is a great option and cheap solution for gamers on a budget. The keyboard letters illuminate for nighttime use and there are 4 customizable key color options; purple, red, blue and off (necessary if you sleep in the same room as the keyboard). The TeckNet Kraken keys feel fluid with little noise and still no stick after hours of use. Overall, the TeckNet Kraken keyboard feels like a quality keyboard. 

Here is a table of some the various customization options available on this kraken keyboard:

TeckNet Kraken Keyboard Shortcuts

When backlit, the Kraken keyboard is absolutely gorgeous.

FN and 5 on the numeric keyboard changes the backlight color that is currently active, this was very useful as i didn’t have to open software while gaming and the reduction of the brightness is by 25% every time Fn and 2 is pressed, so pressing it four times completely turns off the backlight. The finish on the TeckNet Kraken keyboard is a matte black and looks pretty slick but not overbearing like a gloss would look. Backlighting is great with no bleed through spots or missing paint and the three customizable color options all look really good.

The brightness of the backlight can also be easily controlled using the keyboard itself, no extra software needed. There is also a Game Lock feature present on the keyboard. Pressing Fn and F12 triggers the lock. A blue LED will light up at the GameLock slot when this is active. This feature prevents accidental triggers of the windows key when an active game is in session.

The Kraken keyboard is also water resistant, so it might just survive a sudden spill. While there is not much information available on the kind of waterproofing, there is a noticeable coating on the underside of the keyboard, which we noticed while doing a teardown of this product. But, we still don’t recommend going for a dive with this keyboard… The length of the provided cable of both the keyboard and mouse is 5 feet, so it is will easily fit on most desks and corporate environments. It is important to note that both the mouse and keyboard are USB 2.0 plug and play interface based. The keyboard touts a lifetime of nearly 10 million keystrokes, so this is a keyboard which has been designed keeping heavy usage in mind.

The keyboard as well as the TeckNet wired mouse have a built-in software based “breathing light”. It can be seen in action while the keyboard sits idle for a while, and it gives it a nice human-like touch to it.

The Tecknet Mouse Review

The TeckNet mouse is fantastic for the price. The textured ridges on each side provide a good feel for extended gaming and the 2 extra buttons on the mouse are easily programmable, and compatible straight out of the box. The mouse is pretty awesome with the lights and moves seamlessly. It’s also very comfortable, especially after 8+ hours. The mouse has 5 keys and 1 optical wheel, with an incredible 7 changeable colors. The mouse contains an extra 22g weight inside it, which makes the weight ergonomic and ideal for gaming related maneuvers.

One of the biggest features of this mouse is the ability to have a variable DPI depending on your needs. The mouse supports a DPI of 800, 1200, 1600, as well as a 2000 DPI setting. There is a button present on top of the mouse which can be pressed to change the DPI as and when needed. The default DPI is 800.

All in all, the TeckNet mouse weights exactly 127.5 grams.  The mouse is supposed to withstand over 3 million clicks, so in essence, you can take out your frustration over a number of clicks. As far as gaming mice go, this is a highly-rated product, when it comes to getting bang for your buck level performance. You could say that this TeckNet Kraken keyboard and gaming mouse is an amazing, value for money combo as an entry level set.