Redragon has become a familiar name in the gaming industry for manufacturing value-for-money gaming products. They have now introduced another product in their mice line-up, which they are formally calling Redragon M601 Centrophus. It is touted as a gaming mouse, with one of its primary features being the ability to change the DPI of the mouse on the fly with a single physical button placed on the mouse. On a first look, the design, ergonomics and the overall quality of this mouse seem incredible. However, considering that this is indeed a budget gaming mouse, the build reeks of having used too much plastic, but it gets the job done. It is important to note that the top of the mouse is a sandstone textured material. The material seems very similar to the back of the One Plus One. Thus, this texture looks and feels great to touch. It does however appear to be hard to maintain. The LEDs have a warm balance and it certainly does not feel cheap. The addition of LEDs at this price point is a huge plus point going in favor of this device. Having said that, the build quality of Redragon M601 certainly does not match its low price, as it feels extremely comfortable and solid to touch.

The mouse glows red and has four mouse sensitivity options, viz, slow, medium, fast, and very fast. All buttons are placed at points where they are easy to reach. There is a total of 6 programmable buttons, two for the thumb, and one each for the rest of the fingers. It can also serve as a left as we well as right handed mouse, if need be. The clicks sound comfortable, and have a nice depth to it as well. However, there is a slight difference in the depth of the left and the right mouse button.

However, one of the biggest selling points of this mouse is located in the palm of the Centrophorus mouse. There is a hidden chamber, holding up to eight 2.4g weights. One could add extra weight to avoid overshooting targets when one is in stressful situations, or to reduce hand jitter on frictionless surfaces like our mousepads. This weight can also be removed to have better control over the momentum of the mouse and allow for quicker motion. There is not a single mouse in this price category which offers this feature, and it is a steal for this very feature, at this price point.

The mouse feet are pretty smooth and the mouse glides over any mousepad effortlessly. The red backlighting illuminates the mouse logo, and there are red accents on the sides of this mouse, which is a nice add-on for such an inexpensive gaming mouse. The scroll wheel has a rubber coating and provides just the right amount of resistance for accurate and smooth scrolling.

The chip on the mouse is an A3050 chip, and it has an optical sensor embedded. It runs on USB – 1.1 full speed mode. The maximum acceleration of this mouse is rated at about 15G, whereas the max scan Frequency is 4000FPS. As is the case with most mice these days, it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, so no matter what system you run, this mouse will work on it anyway.

This mouse has on the fly DPI switching as well. The maximum DPI is 2000, which is a good enough DPI for most gamers who are just starting out or would be interested in playing games casually. The DPI switch is placed beneath the scroll wheel, which by default is toggles for the 5 DPI modes. The light also changes its brightness accordingly, which is pretty neat.

The mouse cable is braided, and is quite long as well. The length of the cable is around 15 ft. This cable seems to be able to withstand force, so it will definitely last quite long.

The mouse just works. Plug it in, and start using it as your daily driver. One might need a driver if he/she wants to assign functions other than default ones to the 4th and 5th buttons. Also, there is a Gold-plated USB Connector on this mouse. The switch life is pegged to be at 5 million clicks, a good enough estimate for this category. This mouse also comes with a 15-month warranty, so you can rest assured about the quality and they are fairly quick at replacement of faulty hardware. The Redragon M601 scores very high and is a must buy for someone looking for a gaming mouse at a low price.