The legendary G502 went on to become the best-selling gaming mouse around, even inspiring its own subreddit. This much is enough for one to know that if you have the budget, this mouse is a no-brainer as your choice. It’s really difficult telling gaming mice apart nowadays. All feature highly adjustable DPI or sensitivity settings. All of them are somewhat colorful and snazzy with splashes of style littering their compact bodies. All mostly arrive with adjustable software packages, allowing the user to adjust the mouse according to games installed or personal preferences.

The G502 has a smooth surface on its top and textured rubber grips on either side. The smooth top means the mouse is fairly sweat resistant and remains comfortable for long periods of time, while the sides provide traction to ensure things don’t get too slippery.

The only downside is that this is not a mouse for left-handed gamers. Logitech will likely unveil a lefty version of the mouse at some point though.

Logitech has long been famous for their high-quality mouse sensors, and the G502 is no exception. It has the latest Logitech G Delta Zero optical sensor technology and the company’s most responsive optical sensor. On a technical level, the PMW3366 optical sensor has a range of 200 to 12,000 DPI and it can be adjusted in 50 DPI increments. Maximum acceleration that the sensor can read at is shown to be more than 40Gs, but must fall under 50G, or they would have shown that. The G502 can also be moved at an astounding speed of 300 inches per second, and they obtained the IPS and G-ratings using the G240 Gaming Mouse Pad. Responsiveness is speaking about the 32-bit ARM MCU at the heart of this design. Data is sent at 16bits per axis, and it offers a 1ms report rate. Using the G502 on a veneer desktop, they also figured out the very low coefficient of friction, both when moving, and from a stop.

For those that appreciate a good thumb-rest in a mouse, the G502 offers what might be the best in the business. It has a generous inward scoop to it that should ensure your thumb never has to drag along your mouse pad. Getting the G502 out of the box is very light–feels almost flimsy at only 121g. This is because Logitech allows you to customize the mass and balance of the mouse by including five weights (each 3.6g) which you can fit in the spaces around the bottom of the mouse. Reposition the 3.6g weights to give you superior feel and balance.

Packed in the G502 Proteus exterior are innovative and well designed control buttons, all 11 are customizable. The peripheral has a right mouse button, left mouse button, 2 dot per inch (DPI) sensitivity buttons at the top, a scroll wheel which clicks in 3 directions, 3 thumb buttons, and one button below the scroll wheel. The buttons are easily accessible to every user, no matter how small or large their hands are. The combination of black and blue makes the mouse look powerful and delicate as soon as you plug it in.

The scroll wheel on this device is the best in its class. It’s metal but has a decisive chunky ratchet-like scroll that can be freed by clicking the brake behind it. It allows fast change of weapons at high speed. It also breaks the black/blue design theme just enough by adding a splash of chrome-like swagger to the Logitech G502 Proteus Core.

Five of the eleven buttons reside on the left side of the G502. At the top are G7 and G8, at the front, and under the DPI indicator LEDs, there resides G4 and G5. In the wing-shaped thumb rest, near the front is the “Shift” button, and the bulk of this rubberized surface offers a diamond pattern to ensure a good grip. The lower section is rubberized, and like the left side, we find more diamond pattern grips as well. This side also sweeps under the mouse, making it very easy for the ring and pinky fingers to grab it.
If you are in the market for a new mouse, this is definitely the one to purchase. It’s been the number one selling mouse for a reason, and now you get a little bit more style for no additional cost. The G502 Proteus Spectrum is highly recommended.